Newsletter #1/2018

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The highlights of this issue are:
  • Workshop: Implementing Quantum Technologies in space – Erlangen, 20-21 February 2018
  • Workshop: Optomechanical route to macroscopic quantum superpositions – Bratislava, 22-23 March 2018
  • Workshop: Realization of Quantum Experiments in Space – Vienna, 10-11 April 2018

Workshop: Implementing Quantum Technologies in space

20 - 21 February 2018, Erlangen (DE)

Quantum technologies enable completely new possibilities in fields ranging from sensing to metrology and secure communication. Major efforts world wide aim for implementing quantum technologies for applications. These endeavours are driven by massive public and private investments. Of particular interest are quantum technologies in space where technology traditionally is at the forefront of research and development.
Both large missions and small missions in space are being investigated and put forward. The workshop will provide for a platform to discuss the interplay between interesting experimental proposals and realistic implementation hurdles. The effective 2 day workshop should also kick-start concrete contacts between industry, applied research institutes and more fundamental groups in academia. The aim is to establish an ecosystem that enables industry and academia to develop and implement quantum technology in space.

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Workshop: Optomechanical route to macroscopic quantum superpositions  

22 - 23 March 2018, Bratislava (SK)

The aim of this workshop is to pin-point the suitability of levitated optomechanics as a test-bed for the investigation of the validity of quantum theory at the mesoscopic and macroscopic scale; identify the fundamental challenges of such tests and the it will address opportunities offered by a space-based configuration; compare the capabilities of levitated optomechanics to those of other platforms such as magneto-levitated one for the identification of the best-suited experimental platform. The workshop will run over one day and a half, putting together around 50 scientists interests in the theoretical (and also experimental) aspects of levitated and magneto- levitated optomechanics for a critical assessment of the current possibilities that these platforms offer for the investigation of macroscopic quantum effects.

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Workshop: Realization of Quantum Experiments in Space

10 - 11 April 2018, Vienna (AT)

The workshop will host the targeted discussion of experts in quantum experiments with optomechanics (levitated and cantilever), as well as matter-wave interferometry. It will also invite theoreticians working on experimental concepts for large-mass matter-wave interferometry experiments. The workshop has two goals: 1) to discuss and potentially decide the best experimental realization of large-mass quantum experiments in space to achieve the fundamental physics goals as defined during the Bratislava event in early 2018, and 2) to bring together experts on all relevant fields of research to hold an informed discussion and to form a group which should continue to work together toward the experimental realization of large-mass quantum experiments in space. The workshop is primarily to bring together the scientific community, while also partners from national and European space agencies, funding agencies and industry will be welcomed. The output of this workshop will be relevant for the ESA CDF study on MAQRO, which is planned for early 2018 and which will be on-going during the event of this workshop. Therefore the workshop will be used to inform the wider community on the developments during the CDF. The meeting is supported by the COST action QTSpace.

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