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I was asked by Mario Agio, Chair of the COST Action NQO (, to circulate the following message, which is of relevance also for QT in Space. I am happy to do it.
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In the framework of the Market Research Study on Nanoscale Quantum Optics, which is conducted by the COST Action NQO ( in cooperation with Tematys, three surveys have been recently launched.
Two are focused on secure quantum communication and one on quantum sensing based on NV centers and atom chips:
Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG):
The surveys address research and business entities dealing with the whole value chain as well as end users, and they have been tailored to take into account the different technology readiness levels.
We would be grateful if you could take part to the survey(s) and forward the above links to people, who are potentially interested in QKD, QRNG and Q Sensing.
We aim at collecting data till October 29th.
If you have any question or comment about these surveys, please contact:
Jacques Cochard - and QRNG)
Thierry Robin - Sensing)
The results of the surveys will be analyzed during the 2nd MRS Workshop, which will take place in Paris on November 19th.
Please send a note to cost-nqo@uni-siegen.deif you are interested in contributing to this meeting.

The Market Research Study will be open access.

Thank you for your attention,
Mario Agio
Chair, COST Action NQO

Prof Dr Mario Agio
Laboratory of Nano-Optics
University of Siegen
Phone - +49 271 740 3532