Newsletter #1/2019

Welcome to the QTSpace Newsletter

The highlights of this issue are:
  • Quantum Spaceship launched
  • April QTSpace meetings

Quantum Spaceship launched

QTSpace has launched a new coordinated action to promote QT in Space aimed at the engagement with stakeholders in Europe. In particular, the initiative has the goal to open a collaborative channel with the relevant departments at the European Commission and European Space Agency.

The Quantum Spaceship includes

Quantum Space Network

Distinguished scientists and representatives of industrial actors operating in some of the ESA member countries have agreed to collaborate with QTSpace towards the achievement of the goals of this initiative. The will form the “Quantum Space Network (QSN), which will have the mandate to liaise with national stakeholders, policy makers, funding bodies, and ESA delegates. QSN will work in synergy with the Quantum Community Network established within the context of the EU Quantum Flagship initiative. 

Quantum Space Advisory Board

Leading European scientists have agreed to be part of an Advisory Board (AB) with the task of providing advice to QSN on strategic initiatives. 

For further information:

April QTSpace meetings

QTSpace is organizing several events during the month of April 2019

  • Quantum Processing of Big Data: from quantum computing to earth observation – Rome (IT), 3 April 2019.


  • Next steps towards a quantum physics platform in space - Olomouc (CZ), 11-12 April 2019.


  • Large-Mass Quantum Interferometry in Microgravity - Bremen (DE), 15 -17 April 2019.



For further information, check the relevant links as well as the QTSpace website.


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