Newsletter #2/2019

Welcome to the QTSpace Newsletter

The highlights of this issue are:
  • Quantum Technologies in Space: policy white paper

Quantum Technologies in Space: policy white paper

As announced at the last meeting at ESA-ESTEC on QT in Space (20-21 November 2018), the COST Action QTSpace ( launched a coordinated action targeting the policy makers (national delegates and EC) and aiming at having Quantum Technologies included in future activities of EC and ESA. One important goal is to arrive at the November 2019 ESA council meeting with a majority of national delegates supporting a dedicated QT funding program for Space.

To this end, we are organizing:
A Quantum Space Network of scientific and industrial representatives of major ESA member countries, who have agreed to commit to liaising with their national stakeholders and ESA delegates. It will work in synergy with the Quantum Community Network (chaired by Prof. T. Calarco).
An Advisory Board of leading scientists within the scientific community, with the role of advising on strategic initiatives.
The current list of QSN and AB members can be found at the link:
(list still partial)

We have also prepared a policy white paper, a short document with recommendations to the EC and ESA for future Actions. It is the document we will use to gain support for QT in Space, and is available at the link:

This first version is open to improvements, based on the feedback, which you can give us as described on the webpage.

The timeline of future actions is:
May 2019: The white paper is open to comments from the community;
Beginning of June 2019: The white paper will be finalized by the QSN;
Mid June 2019: We will ask for your support to the document;
End of June till November 2019: The white paper will be circulated and used to gain consensus for QT in Space.

We are looking forward to your support for finalizing the white paper and building consensus around it.

QTSpace is supported by COST.
Manager: Angelo Bassi, Strada Costiera 11, 34151, Trieste - ITALY