Newsletter #1/2020

Welcome to the QTSpace Newsletter

The highlights of this issue are:
  • Fundamental Quantum Physics and Applications in Space conference
  • QT for Space: Companies and Institutes
  • European Industry White Paper
  • Policy White Paper on QT in Space: seeking the support of the community

Fundamental Quantum Physics and Applications in Space

In the framework of the COST action, QTSpace is organizing a conference in Budapest from the 30.03.2020 to 03.04.2020.

With this conference, we aim to create an opportunity to present and discuss the recent developments on fundamental quantum physics and quantum technologies for space applications. In addition, we strive to address the key aspects of the defined four working groups in dedicated sessions. For the conference, we plan invited talks, contributed talks, and posters. Abstracts can be submitted through the website alongside the registration.

Registration open till February 20, 2020. You are kindly invited to fill in the registration form at the link:

The workshop will take place at:
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Building A
Egry Jozsef Str. 20-22
Budapest, Hungary

Lajos Diósi (Wigner RCP, Budapest)
Rainer Kaltenbaek (University of Vienna)
Géza Tóth (Wigner RCP, Budapest and UPV/EHU, Bilbao)
Hendrik Ulbricht (University of Southampton)
Lisa Wörner (University of Bremen)
André Xuereb (University of Malta)

Local organizer:
Szilárd Szalay (Wigner RCP, Budapest)

Confirmed speakers (to be completed):
Markus Arndt (University of Vienna)
Markus Aspelmeyer (University of Vienna)
Peter Barker (University College London)
James Bateman (Swansea University)
Matteo Carlesso (Trieste)
Joseph Cotter (Imperial College)
Oliver Jennrich (ESA)
Ivette Fuentes(University of Nottingham)
Gerald Hechenblaikner (Airbus)
Sven Herrmann (University of Bremen)
Carsten Klempt(University of Hannover)
James Millen (King's College London)
Tracy Northup (University of Innsbruck)
Tilo Schuldt (University of Bremen)
Guglielmo Tino (University of Firenze)
Rupert Ursin (IQOQI, Vienna)

QT for Space: Companies and Institutes

We are collecting information about companies that have an interest in QT in Space. We created a dedicated page on the QTSpace website where we showcase them We welcome applications to include your company or institute. Contact Matteo Carlesso ( for further information.

European Industry White Paper 

The European industry has prepared a White Paper to support the development of the Quantum Communication Infrastructure (QCI) that would in a first stage secure government and critical infrastructure communication across the European Union, and in a second stage prepare the connection of quantum computers and sensors in a full Quantum Information Network. Here you can download the document.

Policy White Paper: seeking the support of the community

The White Paper summarises the state of the art in the development of quantum technologies, with clear potential for space applications, and delineates a clear roadmap for the consideration of major actors in this area, from EC to ESA, the national space agencies and industries. The goal is the drawing of a full framework for the design, development, implementation, and exploitation of quantum technologies for space. 

We welcome the support of the White Paper from the European scientific and industrial community, as well as policymakers. You are kindly invited to fill in the registration form at the link:

QTSpace is supported by COST.
Manager: Angelo Bassi, Strada Costiera 11, 34151, Trieste - ITALY