Newsletter #1/2021

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We are glad to announce the upcoming UniKORN seminar block on Space-based tests with optomechanics with talks on the Wednesdays 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of April at 2pm BST. Please find the details of the first talk, along with the full abstract for the block below and check our ResearchSeminars profile for the details of the upcoming talks.

First talk: Lisa Pathfinder and LISA
Speaker: Stefano Vitale
Date: 7th of April 2021
Time: 2pm BST
YouTube live-stream link:
Abstract: LISA is a space-borne gravitational wave (GW)observatory under development by the European Space Agency (ESA). It aims at the GW spectrum between a few tens of micro-Hz and a fraction of a Hz, which cannot be accessed by ground-based detectors. LISA has been preceded by a precursor mission, LISA Pathfinder, that has successfully demonstrated the necessary space-time metrology. The talk will review both the basic principles of LISA and the status of its development, and the objectives, design, operations and achievements of LISA Pathfinder.
Block abstract:
Optomechanical systems are the most massive quantum systems that can be controlled in the laboratory to-date. As such, they make for excellent candidates for testing fundamental physics such as quantum mechanics and gravity/relativity, as well as for sensing applications in space. The space-based tests/applications range from large-mass matter-wave interferometry experiments, such as the proposed MAQRO mission, which recently has seen a technical evaluation by ESA, to internal navigation systems and frequency conversion systems for spacecrafts. 
The overarching goal of this focused block is to evaluate strategic opportunities for large-mass optomechanical systems in space based on technology heritage. A concrete outcome could be the definition of a working group formed of members across academic, industrial and agency communities to work on a roadmap for optomechanics in space. In four sessions, we will hear talks by researchers who work either at the interface of space-based optomechanics or already have experience with launching and testing new technology in space or a micro-gravity environment. The first session will provide an overview of the very successful LISA Pathfinder mission in preparation of a new space-based gravitational wave telescope, followed by two sessions with more specialised topics covering the MAQRO proposal, micro-g experiments and technology development. The last session will be a panel discussion to discuss what technical and community advances might be necessary to put optomechanics into space, and which technologies can be considered space heritage extant from for instance cold atomic, photonic and mechanical space applications.

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