Working Groups

WG1: Fundamental science studies

André Xuereb
University of Malta
Vice Leader: 
Simon Groeblacher
Delft University of Technology
We will set the foundations of the research programme within QTSpace, and establish the enabling ground for the experimental efforts that are at the core of the Action’s Work Plan. WG1 will thus have an explicitly enabling character, entailed by its fundamental nature.

WG3: Proof-of-principle experiments

Hendrik Ulbricht
University of Southampton
Vice Leader: 
Philippe Bouyer
Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine 
It is imperative for space that each quantum technology has passed relevant proof-of-principle experimental tests on ground. Within this Action, and specifically WG3, we aim to coordinate such experimental activities to optimise and accelerate the TRL of each platform.

WG2: Applications

Rainer Kaltenbaek
University of Vienna
Vice Leader: 
Yasser Omar
Universidade de Lisboa
WG2 will investigate the potential of quantum technology for future space-based applications. We will identify potential applications besides fundamental tests of physics, and will aim at establishing links to industrial partners for future implementations of space-based technology.

WG4: Implementations

Christoph Marquardt
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Vice Leader: 
Vladyslav Usenko

Palacky University

The studies and applications put forward and identified in the other Working Groups are tested in proof-of-principle experiments and finally have to be implemented in real space missions. Implementation in space hardware is a complex process that requires substantial coordination, which WG4 is aiming for.